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Board Certified Psychiatrist

Board Certified Internist


Nathan Skoller, MD, MS

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Board Certified Internist

-Psychiatry Residency: Emory University

-Internal Medicine Residency: Emory University

-Medical School: Texas A&M University

-Graduate School: Columbia University

-Graduate School: Georgetown University

-Undergraduate: University of Southern California

Dr. Skoller is a board certified psychiatrist trained at Emory University. He has broad knowledge and experience treating complex mental health conditions, especially those that are treatment resistant. He see's patients both in-person and via telemedicine. Dr. Skoller performs transcranial magnetic stimulation and ketamine treatment services, both available either in-clinic or in patients' own home. He has been involved with transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy and research for nearly 15 years and has years of experience with ketamine treatment in various clinical settings. Uniquely, Dr. Skoller is also board certified in internal medicine, offering a thorough approach to treating his patient's mental health concerns. Very few physicians like Dr. Skoller are experienced with addressing mental health concerns in patients with other complex medical problems. His master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University and master's degree in physiology from Georgetown University also serve to enhance his ability to help patients reach their goals. In addition to private psychiatry practice with Melody Medical Group, he serves as a consult-liaison psychiatrist and internal medicine hospitalist at the Atlanta VA Medical Center where he enjoys teaching physicians in training. 

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